Enforcing and Rectification of Arbitration Awards in the UAE

Advocacy of Arbitration Awards:

Arbitration is one of the ways to resolve disputes, problems, issues, and matters. It is the opposite of going to a court for litigation. Traditionally, people and organizations used to rely upon litigation to solve their disputes and problems. With the changing environment and market dynamics, arbitration has gained immense popularity. The growing inclination towards arbitration has been seen in recent years.

How Beneficial is Arbitration Awards:

Individuals and corporations prefer to sort out matters outside the courtroom. Arbitration has a number of advantages attached to it that resulted in its recognition. It is rather a more practical and rational approach to solving outstanding matters.Besides, it is considered to be more private and offers greater confidentiality to the stakeholders. If we see, arbitration resolves the problems more quickly. In comparison to litigation, arbitration is often less expensive. It is not too heavy on pockets. For further updates please consult the Attorneys in UAE.

A great number of entrepreneurs and individuals use it for resolving their mild to severe matters and issues. Attributed to its gaining popularity globally, the UAE has also welcomed this form of solving matters.The UAE has been openly advocating regarding the arbitration. Due to its usefulness, the country has emphasized it. Arbitration is the process where the arbitrator is involved and makes the decision. Moving forward, the next step is to enforce it. Here in this article, we will explore how the process of arbitral award works concerning the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Always find the Top Law Firms for hiring if you need legal support this regard.

Background of Arbitral Awards:

The arbitral award is internationally recognized. Similarly, it is also recognized in the UAE. It is even reinforced at the global level. It is not restricted. This was a treaty signed and approved in 1958. It has allowed different nations and countries to recognize and enforce arbitration awards belonging to another nation or country.

More than 150 countries accept it. Of those 150 countries, the UAE is also included. This convention was signed by the UAE. Moreover, the UAE has a proper law specifically designated to arbitration. The Federal Law of 2018 is based on ‘Arbitration’. It also includes the amendments laid out along with the clauses and the rules for arbitration.

Steps to Enforce Arbitral Awards in the UAE:

Enforcing an arbitral award involves following specific steps in the UAE. A proper outline is revealed in the Federal law of 2018 the Arbitration Law.Firstly, it is initiated by submitting a Request. It is given to the Court of Appeal with the aim of enforcing the award.

The request should include some of the vital documents including the original award, a certified copy, and a copy of the Arbitration Agreement. Furthermore, it also requires an Arabic translation if the award is not in the Arabic language. Their translation should be properly verified by a competent authority. Additionally, a copy of the minutes of deposit of the award is also required by the judges in the court.

Confirmation and Enforcement is the next step. The chief justice of the court or their delegates will adequately review the request submitted. Following this, they will confirm after a thorough process. It will enforce the arbitral award within a period of 60 days. There are many other solid grounds that can be used in establishing the arbitral award. It is properly guided by the arbitration law.

New Developments in Arbitral Awards in the UAE:

Most recently, new developments have been made in the Arbitration Law of UAE. The introduction of the new features will further simplify the enforcement procedure. It will further facilitate those involved in the process.There is a simplification of the Enforcement Proceedings in the UAE. Now any individual can easily commence the enforcement process. All they need to do is just begin by filing for ratification and enforcement. 

Further, it is directly initiated by submitting to the Court of Appeal in the UAE. These efforts have made the procedure less complex and more straightforward. Timely handling of the Arbitral Proceedings will speed up the arbitration process. The law encourages arbitrators to carry out the process more promptly. As a result, it will ensure no unnecessary delays or cancellations. The decision-making is made more quickly than ever before. 

There is a key role of impartial arbitrators in the proceedings. There are provisions and clauses in place to ensure the arbitrator is free and fair in decision-making.   It allows the arbitrators to remain unbiased, impartial, and neutral in their overall decision-making. This ensures a fair and just arbitration procedure.The Arbitration Law of the UAE has adhered to the model based on the UNCITRAL model code. It vividly represents the international best practices globally. This new adoption has signified the UAE’s dedication and commitment to lead the market. Now the UAE has more chances of leading jurisdiction for arbitration.

The Final Say:

Enforcing an arbitral award in the UAE offers a clear-cut process. The process has been outlined in the Arbitration Law used in the region. The UAE targets to lead and become the top choice for arbitration.At the individual level, this will ensure the involved parties in the disputes navigate the process effectively and efficiently. Legal Content cab be found outdated, OLD at some point of time. Therefore we suggest that please book the legal appointment with the top advocates and legal consultants in UAE. It’s just a legal content.

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